The phoenix and the dove

I was laughing, I was crying.
You were there,
Listening to me.

I was fighting, I was crashing.
You were there,
Watching me.

I was hearing the rambling noise of a battle taking place inside my soul.
It was the burden in my heart, grieving.
It was the bird in my head, singing.
One against the other,
Who would win?
Once again like lovers,
Life and death dancing.

And you were there,

You were the poet unlocking the dove.
You were the friend worshipping the phoenix.
You were the lover witnessing love.
You were dancing around me and playing tricks,
Slipping words of beauty underneath closed doors.

And now I am here, thinking of you.
And I laugh and I cry.

But there will be no mourning,
Cause you taught me about love that never dies.

And until the last morning,
I will sing, I will dance, I will laugh,
And sometimes,
Looking at the sky,
I will cry.