There is something that brings humans together, arts together, aspirations together.

The search for this something is the heart of Nejda’s work.



Il y a quelque chose qui réunit les êtres humains, les arts, les aspirations de chacun.

La quête de ce quelque chose est au cœur du travail de Nejda.

Nejda Monkeys


is a visual artist, a writer and a musician, born in Geneva, Switzerland, in a family mixing the Balkans and the Alps. Working both in Europe and in the U.S, she chose an artistic path that mingles her different fields of expression. In a large part of her work, Nejda explores the idea of freedom and the place of the individual faced with collective thinking. Her art aims to escape the inherent limits of the philosophical concepts of culture, identity, community, while studying and questioning them.

In her paintings, she goes from texts to visuals, from image to poetry, in a search for dialogue and a desire to transcend the frame of each artistic expression. Her current work is based on a visual codification of her musical and poetry creations through the use of QR Codes. Each code contains a poem or a musical piece, but is also a visual creation that tells something to the viewers about what is communicated to them as well as what is hidden from them. Every message needs a code; every thing that is shown is simultaneously hidden and coded. The image meets the text, which is by essence coded by its alphabet and its language, with the aim to overcome its natural limits and create a multi-dimensional conversation with the viewer.

Musically, she is currently preparing her second album, which will be produced between Switzerland, Bulgaria, Spain and the U.S.

As a poet, Nejda performs in live shows of poetry improvisation, often in collaboration with a musician and a painter, in order to create a tridimensional performance born from the conversation between the three forms of art. As a writer, she writes poetry and lyrics for herself and other artists and is currently in the process of writing the screenplay of a feature film.