Bio Music

Nejda has a voice which is both feather-soft and filled with indefinable charm. Some say that it is the charm of the Slavic soul that speaks through her music, always on the edge of laughter (or the edge of tears) passing from one to the other with lightness and poetry. But there is more than the Slavic soul to Nejda. Above all, there is a love of mingling of moods, culture and language that shifts according to the spirit of each piece. Writing in French, English and Bulgarian, Nejda uses the language best suited to express the feeling of each particular song.

Nejda is known in Switzerland as the female vocalist and the violinist for the group "Balkann Tourist", a combo known for wanting to shake the grim Geneva “Mur des réformateurs” (Reformation Wall) with its happy music. In her solo project, Nejda attacks it this time more head-on with the song "Je proteste" ("I protest", a song advocating for freedom of thought and tolerance), which simply asks that we tear down that wall once and for all...

Those who have seen Nejda on stage know that the musician cherishes her connection with the audience. It’s this connection and her prevalent touch of humor that make her performances shine.