"Dis-moi..." NATEVA 1

Dis, dis, dis, dis-moi…

Ehhhhh……. Dis !

Chuchote, souffle, whisper, whisper, whisper,

Here, ok, here, we go,

These are the fairies and the fierce and the forces and the laughs and the screams and the laughs.

But where, but what, but how, but why ?

Souffle, chuchote, respire, dis-moi, dis-moi,

La petite s’enfuit, non elle court, elle va, elle part, elle va,

Soft and hard, sad and strong, breathe, breathe,

Flow and fall and run and fall and let it go,

And run towards the sun, with the cold wind in your back.

Spring is hiding, spring is coming,

Run and fall and keep your hands tight on my hands,

And keep your love tight on my love,

We run and we fall and we ache and we laugh,

Va, tombe et tombe et tombe et ne me regarde pas,

Et cours et tombe et relève-toi et ris et regarde-moi.




Here I am,

Here you go,

Here we are,

Don’t let us go

But run and smile and forget the rain,

And smile to the city that stains the sky.