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TLC Project : poetry, music and visual arts improvisation

So much pleasure to create with the MNjP Trio! Video of presentation of the transdisciplinary art project "TLC" (Transartistic Live Creation). A performance based installation made of simultaneous improvisations of poetry, music and visual arts. Trio MNjP : Mathieu Rossignelly (piano), Nejda (poetry), Jean-Pierre Rick (painting). Video by Sachie Kikuchi.

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Nejda creates live performances of poetry improvisation following different configurations. She usually works with a musician (sometimes several) who performs his/her own music improvisation simultaneously and in relation with the poetry creation.

During her live shows, Nejda writes poetry projected on a wall that can be seen by the musician(s) and the public. The writing follows the music and gets its inspiration from it. It then draws its own path that will influence the music improvisation in return. At times the process goes the other way around and starts with the writing. In any case, the two improvisers are playing together hand in hand.

The concept of poetry improvisation can be adapted according to the artists involved and to the artistic vision of a specific event or show. Its total expression implies the presence of a third artist/party who participates with a visual improvisation. In general, the visual creation (the paintings, for instance) is facing the public and Nejda’s writing is projected directly on it. In this way, the musician(s), the visual artist and the public are all able to see the unfolding of the artistic meeting that is happening.

Nejda’s mother tongue is French but she also writes and performs in English, a language that she has been speaking since childhood. Depending on the type of audience and the location where the performance is taking place she sometimes mixes English and French in the same improvisation.